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  • National Council of Research (CNR-ITAE) - Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies, Italy
  • The CNR-ITAE Institute, located in Messina (Italy), belongs to the Italian NationalCouncil of Research, Department of Energy and Transportation. The CNR-ITAE has a long and proven experience (around 30 years) in all categories of fuel cells having contributed to the penetration of fuel cell technology into Europe since the early 80s.
    In 1984, CNR-TAE inaugurated the first MCFC station in Europe following an agreement with IGT. CNR-ITAE has built and successfully run the first phosphoric acid fuel cell stack operating at 180 °C (PAFC) stack in Europe (1989). The fields of DMFC and PEFC have been actively investigated. CNR-ITAE has coordinated previous European programmes (e.g. JOU2-CT93-0290 on second generation Fuel Cells". 1993-1995) and it is presently coordinator of two National Integrated project on fuel cells.
    The research approach of CNR-ITAE is based on a mixture of basic and applied research, achieved by a multi-disciplinary approach, innovating the fuel cells technology with the up-to-date knowledge in materials science, catalyst preparation, micro and nanotechnologies, polymer science, system engineering.